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Sylvia Adams

Business Owner

secure and safe lockmsith?

We can help you!

Equip with the right tools and updated lock system, My Orange County Locksmith can assure secure and safe locksmith service for your home and business.

Our company is composed of professional and well-trained service personnel that can give you not just secure and safe locksmith service as well as satisfaction for your family and your business. We are an expert and locksmith specialist that can give you a 100% guarantee and security.

Shirley Agostini
H.R Manager
Jimmy Overbeck
Locksmith Expert / CEO
Jane Adams
Financial Manager

My Orange County Locksmith for secure and safe locksmith service

Professional Locksmith Service That You Can Trust!

Randy Bowman

Locksmith Specialist

Experienced maintenance and repair service personnel. Satisfied a lot of home and business owner keeping their properties secure and safe.

safe locksmith

Phillip Delgado

Lock Mechanic Expert

5 years experience of his profession as a locksmith expert. Providing secure and safe locksmith service for every home and business.